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5th Sunday Update                        Weekend of January 28-29, 2017


I am blessed and honored to serve St. Paul Lutheran Church as congregational chairman for 2017. Here are a few updates since our last update of 2016, as well as upcoming events.

75th Anniversary Update:

  • Our 75th Anniversary celebration kicked off in November with a special event complete with entertaining skits, music performances, and a chance to look back at the past. Many of you also joined us for a special worship service. 
  • Our 75th celebration continues with the Small Group sprint series: Unstoppable Gospel. I hope you’re taking the opportunity to dig deeper into God’s word with your St. Paul family during the six-week series. The series will conclude with a special Unstoppable Gospel Celebration dinner on Sunday, February 26 at 4:30 pm. All (whether you participated in the small group sprint or not) are invited to attend.

New Horizons Update: I am blown away at how God continues to bless St. Paul and that you have continued to use your God-given gifts to help us live out the great commission. At our annual congregational meeting in December, the membership overwhelmingly voted to continue honoring our original New Horizons pledges to fund additional projects for 2017. One of the first two is a security system installed at the business entrance that provides updated safety for our preschool students and staff as well as our St. Paul staff. The second project is refurbishing the steeple (an icon of St. Paul). BOTH projects have been fully funded. More projects are on the horizon and I’ll keep you updated as plans progress.

Going back to 2016:

  • The Thanksgiving Food Drive collected 360 bags of food that were donated to the outreach missions at both Spirit of Hope in Detroit and Community Lutheran Church in Flat Rock.
  • 26 families received gifts from our Christmas Caring Tree
  • 78 families received Christmas help, 88 families received help through our Benevolence Fund
  • Over 1200 people attended the Christmas concert

The Kids Against Hunger program continues. $360 was raised at the Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser. Even more amazing was the fellowship and camaraderie witnessed as SPLC invaded BWW for lunch and dinner. Our upcoming Ash Wednesday offering will support Kids Against Hunger. 

Under the guidance of Paul Johnson, St. Paul’s youth continue to build momentum and are preparing to attend SpringHill in March and the Michigan District Youth Gathering this summer.

At the annual congregational meeting in December, new members of church council and the board of elders were elected. New council members include Brenda Heissenbuettel, Karen Tartar and Bill Putz. New Board of Elders members include Steve Witte, Nick Busse, Ken Maniak, and  Paul Parker. As you saw, both new and returning council and elders are being installed this weekend.

Financially, St. Paul finished 2016 in the black (income > expenses), which allowed all ministries to operate and continue spreading God’s word. This is possible with your continued support and sharing your God-given resources. 

Finally, the Call Committee has restarted the process of identifying the next associate pastor for St. Paul. We are looking at candidates from both the seminary as well as the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod as a whole.

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God's Blessings!

Shawn McNamara