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Strong for Life

The Key to a Long, Happy, Healthy Life

National Geographic set out to find the world’s longest-lived people and study them. They knew most of the answers were within their lifestyle and environment. Their study was named Blue Zones. It was discovered that they all shared nine essential principles to a long, healthy, happy life. A few of those principles are purpose, faith, physical activity, healthy eating, and a sense of belonging. We want to share these principles with our members of St. Paul Church and the community, causing us to create a ministry known as Strong for Life (formerly Longer, Better, Forever).

Strong for Life is designed to share these principles with the downriver community! Join us in becoming spiritually, physically and emotionally Strong for Life. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Please contact Shawn McNamara at or Karrie Bixler at if you are interested in sharing our passion to spiritually, physically and emotionally get Strong for Life.  


Summer Events

Team World Vision (TWV) Endurance Training

Join us each Saturday through October as we train for the Detroit Free Press/TCF Half-Marathon/Marathon! No experience required … just a desire to experience a life-changing summer!

Peewee Peddlers

We are partnering with Downriver PeeWee Peddlers to provide a safe and healthy bike riding experience for our families. PeeWee Peddlers is offering a summertime drop-in bike riding series to be held on Friday and Saturdays at various locations. This series is for families with children ages 5-17. Families must join the Downriver Cycling Club and a parent must accompany children. For more information about PeeWee Peddlers look them up on facebook!

August Events

Tai Chi (August 5 & 19)

Join us at SPLC for an introduction to the history, movements, and form of Tai Chi. No experience is necessary. Please wear loose fitting clothing and flat shoes.

TWV Endurance Training

Weekly runs/walks continue as we train towards October in Detroit.

PeeWee Peddlers

Downriver PeeWee peddlers continues through August.

September and Beyond!

September-October: “Transformed” Strong for Life Small Group/Adult Bible Fellowship

September 18: Farm to Table Cooking Class @ Brownstown Community Center

September 23: Diabetes Prevention Program @ SPLC (16 weeks running through February 2020) FLYER

October 2: Parent-Tot Play Class @ Brownstown Community Center

November 4: Cardio-Circuit Fitness @ SPLC (6 weeks through December 9)

November 13: Healthy Eating for the Holidays @ SPLC