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Strong for Life

The Key to a Long, Happy, Healthy Life

National Geographic set out to find the world’s longest-lived people and study them. They knew most of the answers were within their lifestyle and environment. Their study was named Blue Zones. It was discovered that they all shared nine essential principles to a long, healthy, happy life. A few of those principles are purpose, faith, physical activity, healthy eating, and a sense of belonging. We want to share these principles with our members of St. Paul Church and the community, causing us to create a ministry known as Strong for Life (formerly Longer, Better, Forever).

The Strong for Life Planning team met in March to schedule events to keep our congregation and community strong—spiritually, emotionally and physically! March was a great month for Cardio Circuit Training, we had more than 20 people at each class. Our Spring events are aimed at getting us ready for the World Vision 6k walk at Connection Church on May 4 and the Healthy Trenton 5k at St. Paul in June. Jamie Vollenweider and Karrie Bixler are starting a Pew to 5k training program so if you have never walked distance or ran, this is for you! The first phase starts with joining the Beaumont Gets Walking group at Trenton High School—Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings from 5-6 pm for indoor walking. Once the weather gets a bit warmer we will train outside, so we can finish the 6k or 5k Strong! Please contact Shawn McNamara at or Karrie Bixler at if you are interested in sharing our passion to spiritually, physically and emotionally get Strong for Life.  


Pew to 5K Training

Join us on Mondays at 6 pm in the front parking lot as we start a training program that will get us walking or running in time for the Healthy Trenton 5K! Sign up in the Gathering Space or contact Karrie Bixler to let us know you are coming.


Join the downriver community in a celebration of healthy spirit, body, and mind. More info and registration.

Peewee Pedalers

We are partnering with Downriver PeeWee Pedalers to provide a safe and healthy bike riding experience for our families. PeeWee Pedalers is offering a summertime drop-in bike riding series to be held on Friday and Saturdays at various locations. This series is for families with children ages 5-17. Families must join the Downriver Cycling Club and a parent must accompany children. For more information about PeeWee Pedalers look them up on facebook!