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Small Groups

Get Activated with Power, Prayer and Purpose!

Small groups are groups of 5 to 15 people, some deep into the faith and some just curious about knowing more about Jesus Christ. Each time they meet the group embraces the power of his Word, they share their lives in prayer to the Lord, and they show caring and service by having a purpose beyond themselves. Power. Prayer. Purpose. These groups are then placed out in the community, in homes and with families, so that the Gospel might go out beyond our church campus by the power of the Holy Spirit.   

Small groups are a movement. They are a movement of the Spirit. They are a movement out into the community. And we are going to have a blast. To learn more about becoming part of a Small Group or being trained as a Small Group Leader contact the Church Office at 734.676.1565.


Be Part of a Small Group

Being part of a small group at St. Paul means we care for each other as Christ did (and does). Probably the most important thing that any hurting person needs is simply for us to "be there" and let them know that we care. The simplest things matter most ... a card, a visit, a meal, and of course, a prayer. The "first line" of connection with someone hurting in a small group is the leader of the group connecting with others and sharing the "love of Jesus" with the one in need. Praying, growing in Him and caring for each other is at the core of everything we do.

As we Grow in Him, Small Groups for the fall will have the choice of joining in on a "Transformed" theme in sync with a number of other St. Paul "Strong for Life" programs. Leaders can alternatively select one of the many excellent Bible studies available in the Small Group Resource library in Yellow 1. See one of our excellent coaches (Darel Shafer, Dale Malzahn, Kyle Hudson, Tom Wiltse) if you have any questions.

Being part of a small group is a life changing experience. It is also an amazing opportunity to grow God's Kingdom at St. Paul. Just think of the exciting possibilities! Bring friends, neighbors and family together to enjoy each other and enjoy the blessings the Good Lord has provided to us!