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Small Groups

Get Activated with Power, Prayer and Purpose!

Small groups are groups of 5 to 15 people, some deep into the faith and some just curious about knowing more about Jesus Christ. Each time they meet the group embraces the power of his Word, they share their lives in prayer to the Lord, and they show caring and service by having a purpose beyond themselves. Power. Prayer. Purpose. These groups are then placed out in the community, in homes and with families, so that the Gospel might go out beyond our church campus by the power of the Holy Spirit.   

Small groups are a movement. They are a movement of the Spirit. They are a movement out into the community. And we are going to have a blast. To learn more about becoming part of a Small Group or being trained as a Small Group Leader contact the Church Office at 734.676.1565.


Small Group Study In September

The whole idea of having small groups at St. Paul is to encourage people of like interests to get together to get to know each other and our awesome God better. Our comfort level increases greatly when we recognize a few people on a Sunday morning. We are built to be in a relationship with each other and with Him as we walk our walk with Jesus, explore His Word, reach out to others in community and live our lives the rest of the week. It is all too easy to get lost if we walk alone.

Groups will be getting together in September to do a St. Paul organized devotional study based on the "Strong for Life" theme led by Shawn McNamara and his team. In daily devotionals and a weekly Bible study available to all, we will explore the meaning of being spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and relationally "Strong for Life." Bible Study

We are trying something new with 15-minute podcasts on each subject that will be available to listen to in their study individually or collectively as a small group. Alternatively, small group leaders can do their own study with access to dozens of RNM Bible studies for them and their group. Keep tuned to your bulletins for highlighted videos and info in weeks to come. Online signup.

Strong for Life Spiritually Podcast

Strong for Life Physically Podcast



St. Paul members and visitors can now connect free of charge to—a cool Christian alternative to Netflix. Check out kids shows, studies for women, men, youth, family living, dealing with life issues, and books of the Bible. Go to An info session/webinar is open to all Monday, August 19, 7-7:30 pm at St. Paul in room Yellow 1. Please RSVP to Deacon Greg Exner 734.775.1505,


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