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Golden Agers

To provide persons 50 years of age or older with Christ-centered fellowship and also to reach out to other seniors in the community to make Christ known.

2019 Brochure

FAQ for our “Newbies”

Persons who are unfamiliar with our Senior Ministry group here at St. Paul may not know the answers to some common questions. Since it has been awhile since these have been printed, we are repeating them here.

What is the age limit for Golden Agers activities?

Participants must be over 50 years of age. Occasionally we will sponsor an activity that includes everyone in the congregation. In this case, our newsletter and bulletin information will state “Everyone is invited.”

Does one have to be a member of St. Paul Lutheran Church to Attend Golden Agers activities?

Absolutely not! We strongly encourage participants to bring their “Plus One” (or more!). This may include family or friends.

Must one participate in ALL activities that are offered?

NO! We realize that some types of activities will appeal to some individuals but not to others. You are encouraged to pick and choose only those that appeal to you; you are welcome to any and all events.

When can I purchase tickets for those events requiring them?

Check your newsletter and the service bulletins for dates for ticket sales. They will be available on the specified dates 15 minutes prior and 15 minutes after each service.

If you have any other questions, please contact Lynn Maniak at 734.407.9254.


Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar and call your Plus-1!

October – Luncheon at Big Bear Lodge

November – Holiday Lunch at TV’s Grand Event

December – Christmas show at Turkeyville

Senior “Strong for Life” Opportunity

We would like to start a Golden Agers walking group. There already exists a group of folks from the community who walk the halls of Trenton High School on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 5–6 pm. In the summer the location for walking is Elizabeth Park. This would be an excellent opportunity to keep more physically fit, and to have socialization with other seniors. We would not have to walk three days a week; the group can choose which one day is the best for everyone.

We are also seeking someone to serve as a “Champion” who could meet all the participants in a designated place and time each week so that the group can walk together. If you have any questions, please call Lynn Maniak at 734.407.9254. Sign up in the Gathering Space.