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Spring Salad Luncheon

A Spring Salad Luncheon sponsored by the Board of Women’s Ministries, will be held Wednesday, April 18, from 12 to 2 pm at the Plum Creek Cafe (otherwise known as the CLC). This is strictly a social even geared to enjoying lovely salads and desserts while fellowshipping with our friends. The ticket price is again a $5 donation or no charge by donating your favorite salad (to serve 8 to 10 people). Everyone will need a ticket as they will be used to enter a drawing for a prize. We will have signup sheets with categories of salads to be listed. Look for tickets will go on sale the first week of April. As always, salad volunteers are cherished and we look forward to your participation. If you have any questions, please contact one of our team members, Pat Burns, Rosalie Gibbs, Pam Milot, Jane Lankford or Pat Gloster.