Our Beginnings

On September 22, 1941, 30 members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Wyandotte, who lived in the Trenton area, met to discuss forming a congregation in their community. Four weeks later—October 19—84 adults and 10 children met in the old Trenton High School music room for the first service—conducted by Pastor Krahnke of Trinity, Wyandotte. On November 26, the name St. Paul was adopted and on the evening of Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 1941, a farewell Communion Service was held at Trinity to bid farewell to those members who were transferring to this new sister-congregation in Trenton. Earlier in 1941, Arnold and Barbara McConnell assisted by others including Alma McKinney, had started conducting Sunday School classes for the children of unchurched families in the Inkster area. This then, was the beginning of the Sunday School outreach. One of the buildings used for these classes was the old Hand School. A new school was later built on the site and is now the building being used by our sister congregation, Friendship Lutheran Church. On December 21, the Ordination and Installation of the first Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, the Rev. Harold Iben, a ministerial candidate who had been conducting a neighborhood survey for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, was held.

In March, 1947, Mr. Elliot Nichols donated the present two acre site as a gift to the congregation. They gratefully accepted and the site at Third and Cherry Streets was sold. In May a new architect was engaged and in July, his plans for a modified colonial design church were approved and a loan from the Church Extension Board secured. A 90 foot bell tower atop the church structure was a distinctive feature of the design.

Now we look forward with anticipation toward our exciting future. We are assured that as the Lord has provided us with strong and godly leadership, tireless and dedicated people—seeking to do His will—He will continue to do so. He has been the reason for our proud past—so also, He will continue to guide our exciting future. To Him alone be all the glory!