Give by Text

St. Paul Lutheran Church is excited to announce we are joining the 21st Century with a new option for electronic donations! We now offer the ability to donate through a text message. 

We are excited to be able to share with you the ease of electronic giving, especially for those St. Paul members who do most of their giving and finances electronically. I encourage you to visit our website (the old-fashion way!) or try out our new give-by-text option. 
Want to give our new give-by-text option a spin? The ‘Vacation Bible School’ fund has been added to our electronic giving options. As we gear up for this awesome program that provides a safe and fun environment for kids of all ages in the community to hear the Gospel message, we would like to ask you to try donating through a ‘text’ and select the ‘Vacation Bible School’ fund. 

Thank you for considering trying out this new giving option as we continue to support our mission of making Christ known!

Give by Text Quick Guide