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Family Life Ministry and St. Paul Endowment Fund Team Up To Produce "The Amazing Chemistry Show!”

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Something new for us here at St. Paul!! With help from the St. Paul Endowment Fund, on May 20, we welcomed Josh Denhart and the Amazing Chemistry Show to St. Paul. He was wonderfully received by over 270 people who attended, and what a treat they received!! Josh, a former high school science teacher and children’s minister seamlessly wove fire, foam, explosions and very easy to understand scientific principles together with the Gospel message of God’s love and grace through His Son, Jesus into a most entertaining presentation. Everyone involved agreed it was a great time and we were sad to see Josh go! We can look forward to Josh’s return as well at other family-oriented presentations here at St. Paul in the future.

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I am thankful for the generosity of the St. Paul Endowment Fund in providing the financial resources to host this very worthwhile event. We were able to try something new and see that we can attract younger families to the right kinds of events. There was a very clear presentation of the Gospel, and I have heard from many parents and grandparents about how receptive their children were to it. Our prayers before the event were that God would prepare hearts to receive His Spirit and the seeds of faith. I think that happened.

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Certainly, on a local level there were many benefits from this event. Sixteen St. Paul Preschool families were in attendance thus strengthening the bridge between our church and the preschool. An offering of $448 raised that day will be used to fund the purchase of backpacks for Trenton students at the St. Paul Benevolence Fund Back To School Fair that will be held here at St. Paul on August 25. The Chemistry Show also created excitement about our summer VBS program (We are using Josh’s VBS materials called Basic Elements) as well as helping us to think of other ways we can explore to share this message. It also has created new interest in volunteering and serving in VBS … something for which I am grateful. I would hope that our associating with Josh and the news of his Amazing Chemistry Show would bring him new opportunities to perform across the nation thus spreading the Gospel message even further.

Thanks again to the St. Paul Endowment Fund for funding this event.

May God Bless You All and Have a Great Summer!

Don Busse   
St. Paul Minister of Family Life

PS. The St. Paul Endowment Fund provides funds to facilitate worthwhile ministerial events and projects that fall outside of the scope of the church’s general operating budget as well as the budget of any of the church’s ministerial sections. If you would like to help the St. Paul Endowment Fund spread the message of God’s saving grace, please feel free to make a donation of any size by calling the Church Office at 734.676.1565.

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