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September Meeting Update

Council as well as Elders did not meet in August but resumed meetings in September. Pastor Rick assigned Council, Elders and Staff to read the book, Servant Leadership, by Jane Fryar. We were fortunate to have Jane join us via Skype from St. Louis at our meeting to discuss her book.

Jane is an Adjunct Professor at Concordia Universities at St. Paul and Nebraska, and has written a number of children’s books as well as Today’s Light Study Bible, which takes Scripture readings and supplies devotions that can be done in 15 minutes or less. Her Bible also includes directions, guides, notes and encouragement.

Her most popular book is Servant Leadership. Her mission is to challenge and empower servant leaders with good skills and make those skills great! Council members had an opportunity to ask questions regarding the type of effective leaders and what attributes a good leader utilizes. A servant leader’s approach should have the same affinity of how Jesus led. Jane concluded her discussion with, “Blessings as you serve by leading and lead by serving.” Council commented that it was a good mission statement!

Council also affirmed their previous approval of the formation of a Call Committee for the position of Youth and Family Life Ministry and the hiring of Katie Pronsati as the Interim Senior High Youth Leader.

On behalf of Church Council-Blessings to all educators, students and parents this school year!

As always, any questions or concerns you may have, reach out to any Council member!

We live to know Christ and make Christ known!