Upcoming Sermons

July 28 & 31 - The Question Behind the Question  
Luke 12:13-21 & Colossians 3:1-11

In the parable of the rich fool, a man asks for Jesus to settle a dispute over an inheritance. Jesus looks at this request and sees a deeper question, concerning the role of possessions as security and comfort. Our security is not in this world but in God alone.

August 4 & 7 - Relax, You Have the Kingdom!  
Luke 12:22-34 & Genesis 15:1-6

Jesus-followers can live free from anxiety and fear by faithfully remembering and practicing three perspective-altering realities.

August 11 & 14 - Power Thinking  
Jeremiah 23:16-29 & Luke 12:49-53

In the text from Jeremiah, the prophet warns of false prophets who only tell the people what pleases them.  Spiritually, this warning is against wishful thinking.  We are not pessimistic as Christians, knowing full well that God blesses us.  Rather we believe in the power of the Gospel to change lives.  

August 18 & 21, 2016 - Spiritual Singularity  
Isaiah 66:18-23 & Luke 13:22-30

What is a singularity? Many people are talking about singularities in science and computers. In many disciplines, a singularity is when everything comes together as one. We have a spiritual singularity in Jesus Christ. All things come from Him and flow to Him.