Upcoming Sermons

July 27 & 30, 2017 - This Never Changes    
Hebrews 13:1-8 & Luke 24:45-48

While we are able to see much change around us, our God does not change. The work that He entrusts to us does not change. Whether it be 29 A.D., 1517, 1942, or 2017 Jesus’ disciples are entrusted with the task of making disciples through using God’s Word and Sacraments.

August 3 & 6, 2017 - Five Two    
Mark 6:30-44 & Isaiah 55:1-5

In the feeding of the 5000, Jesus showed His disciples that God had already given His followers the resources that they needed to feed the people. We also have all the resources that we need to fulfill God’s mission for us Downriver. Our mission is to be not only a Great Commission congregation but also a Great Compassion congregation.  

August 10 & 13, 2017 - Finding Rest    
Matthew 11:28-30 & Exodus 20:8-11

There are so many things people need to find rest from. Work, school, family obligation, the list goes on and on. But even when we find “rest” that can wear us out as well. How many times to people come home from vacation totally worn out? In our Gospel lesson, Jesus invites His listeners to find rest in Him. How is this rest different from other types of rest we might seek?