Upcoming Sermons

June 1 & 4, 2017 - A Voice Lifted Up  
Acts 2:1-21 & John 7:37-39

Pastor Davis will preach on the importance of proclamation. Our text in Acts says, “Peter lifted up his voice.” St. Paul, the saint that the congregation was named for, was a proclaimer. Through the proclamation of the Word, the Spirit works.

June 8 & 11, 2017 - Best Place on Earth    
Psalm 8 & Matthew 28:16-20

Wherever you live is the best place on earth. We live Downriver, which is the best place for us to experience the goodness of Jesus and share in His will of building the Kingdom. Wherever we are, our Triune God is with us and calls us to live in Him and for Him.  

June 8 & 11, 2017 - All God’s People Said    
Exodus 19:2-8 & Matthew 9:35 – 10:8

God, our Father, wants us to have a living relationship with Him. So much so that He sent His son to be our Savior. Having received the full measure of His grace, our part in this relationship is to affirm God’s will and Word in our lives and in our labors.